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Excellence in teaching and enjoyment of learning is at the heart of what we do. English and Maths are vital, but we also combine this with a rich and exciting curriculum. Our Curriculum stretches and excites the children's imagination. The richness of learning comes not just from learning different things but learning in many different ways: out-of-doors, through cross-curricular links or by seeing, hearing and doing.

Children learn through ‘research led’ projects which they have a hand in planning.  This approach involves, inspires and motivates our children to want to learn. 


You will find your current child's learning themes on their class pages. Each year the school holds transition meetings for parents as their child moves to a new year group. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to find out more about the curriculum. There are also regular curriculum evenings for parents, where the school shares more detailed information on  the curriculum.

To the side of this page please find details of the school curriculum and how it is covered across the school. We have also supplied our skills progression for each subject so you can see what we expect of our children. 

We held a curriculum evening for parents. These are some of the comments made by parents that evening

'really pleased to see the cross-discipline links in place and how the basic skills will be embedded throughout'

'sounds very logical and exciting'

'the plans reflect a strong structure and I look forward to more involvement in my children's learning'