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Cooked School Meals cost just £2.15 and the Government fund free school meals for children in Reception and years 1 and 2.

Hot meals are provided by Grosvenor plc and are prepared in the school kitchen and include fresh fruit, bread baked daily and a salad bar. The emphasis is on healthy eating. Wholemeal flour, freshly prepared meat and vegetables are also included. Children are offered a choice of main courses and puddings, including salads and fresh fruit. Genetically Modified foods are not knowingly used at anytime.  School Meals are paid for through the Parent Pay system. 

Free School Meals are available to some children in accordance with family circumstances. If you think your child/children may be entitled to free school meals please contact the school office.

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 Packed Lunches

Children may choose to bring a packed lunch rather than have a school lunch. Foods such as sweets, chocolates and processed foods are discouraged as we believe that diet and nutrition are closely linked to behaviour and a child’s ability to learn.

 Break and snack

All of our children under seven get a piece of fruit or vegetable every morning. Older children are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables to school as a snack at break-times and all children are asked to bring a clear water bottle to encourage drinking throughout the day.