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In February 2020 the school underwent a Section 8 Ofsted inspection.

The outcome of the inspection was that the school continues to be good.

We are delighted that the first comment from the inspector was that "Leaders and staff want the very best for their pupils." 

The inspection recognised many strengths of the school including our stimulating curriculum and our strong focus on personal and social development.

“Leaders and staff have a clear picture of the values and personal qualities they want pupils to acquire.”

“Staff and pupils treat one another with care and respect.”

“Staff know their pupils well and are attentive to their individual needs.”

“Pupils experience a stimulating curriculum.”

“Parents appreciate the wide range of subjects and experiences on offer. They believe that their children do well because of the high expectations of teachers.”

“Leaders have effectively improved standards of reading. They have ensured that children receive a prompt start to phonics teaching in the early years. Pupils who need to catch up are receiving strong support to become fluent readers.”

“Leaders have developed a calm and respectful place for pupils to learn and achieve.”

 “Adults know and care for the children in the early years well. Children are happy and benefit from supportive relationships.”

"Leaders make sure that pupils with special education needs and/or disabilities access the full curriculum. Teachers provide support that allows pupils to learn well in many subjects."

Click here to read our latest report (February 2020) 

 SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Church Schools)

The successful work of the leadership team was recognised in July 2015 when the school underwent a Section 48 'church school' inspection. The school was graded as a good church school with outstanding features.

'Under the dedicated leadership of the headteacher, leaders and governors ensure that the expression of Christian love, supported by other Christian values such as hope, forgiveness and courage, makes a positive contribution to the improving progress and attainment of pupils.'

'The school has been through a challenging period but has made significant progress in addressing children’s achievement and attainment and children are now making good progress and attainment is in line with national expectations.'

Please click here to view the SIAMS inspection report from July 2015.