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Pupil Voice

School Elections

 Our School Ambassadors are elected by all children. 

Children have to register to vote.

Candidates make speeches in front of the whole school.

Voters are issued with polling cards.

On election day they visit the polling station and place their votes into the ballot box.

This way of working encourages children to develop a sense of responsibility as well as an understanding of the democratic process.

See our election day pictures on the Galleries section of our website.

 Our Ambassadors for this school year:




Charity Group

Our pupils have formed a charity group which meet regularly and and organise and run events to raise funds and help others. At Christmas we were amazed by all the donations of toys which we gave to the local charity The One Organisation, for distribution as Christmas presents for other children.


Charities previously supported and chosen by the children have included Age UK, Rainforest Concern, Water Aid, Friends of Bethel Nursery School,  World Wildlife Fund, Cancer Research UK,  Parkinson UK, NSPCC, British Red Cross as well as Children In Need and Comic/Sport Relief.




Tigers, Sharks and Dragons

team shield

On entry to the school all children and staff are placed in one of three teams.

dragon banner      sharks banner     tigers banner

Meet the team captains who are responsible for looking after their teams, organising competitions and encouraging pupils to gain team points. 

Team points are earned and all contribute to a weekly total. In addition inter-team competitions take place across the year.