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"Love each other as I have loved you" John 15:12

As a school family, we emphasise the importance of love and it’s transformational power.

  • We learn to love ourselves as unique individuals and celebrate our similarities and differences.

  • We love each other, recognising that we belong and are all equal.

  • We love our community and families, knowing that all relationships can provide a vital source of love and support.

  • We love God’s world, appreciating the awe and wonder that inspires us on
    a daily basis.

What loving means to children at Ripon Cathedral School

Love is the most important.

We are a loving school that all people want to come to and we let people join in no matter who they are.

We should show God’s love to everyone.

Compassion is important so we can be kind and respectful.

I love God and I would to like to encourage others to love God too.

It is important to think about others and consider what is important to them.

Treat everybody the same.

The vision reminds me to think of others before myself.

 What loving means in our school (February 2022)