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 School meals and educational visits are paid for through Parent Pay. Click here

 Parent Pay is a secure online payment system. Visit parentpay.com and just logon using your username and password. You can pay securely for your visit. This method is increasingly popular with parents and because all the payments required are on one page you don’t need to worry that you have missed a payment. If you would like a reminder of your username and password please contact the school office.

 Parents wishing to pay for their school meals by cash can purchase a Paypoint card and pay at Paypoint stores.

 Educational Visits requiring payment will be communicated through letters with a barcode on them. With these letters payments can be made by taking the letter to your local Paypoint store where they will scan the barcode and you can pay for your child’s visit. Please be aware that each barcode is individual to your own child which is why these letters will have your child’s name on them. Once you have paid this way please return the permission slip to school as we cannot take a child on any visit without permission.

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