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Religious Education

Religious education is seen as a core subject in our school, it is Christian based but includes the teaching of all major world faiths to prepare our children for a multi-faith society and to build tolerance and mutual understanding. We ensure that children not only learn about religion but also learn from it. We ensure that there is ample opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and to consider the implications on their lives. 

Here is a video which shows our question based approach to RE teaching. We share these videos with parents to stimulate discussion at home.

The school aims to develop religious understanding by helping pupils to relate to the meaning of religion in the lives of their own community and across the world.

Religious Education occurs in many places in the life of Cathedral School, aiming to help the children have a deeper understanding of themselves, others and of the world in which they live. More specifically, opportunities to teach knowledge, attitudes and skills are identified in the RE long term plan which can be seen here.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from this aspect of school life where their child would be supervised by a member of staff.